Digital Marketing Trends 2020

In today’s times, Digital Marketing Trends identifies the most popular form of online marketing for selling any product/service. Digital marketing runs the business. From building the brand to get the number of sales all done through online marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, social media marketing are some of the various techniques involved in Digital Marketing. 
  • Digital Marketing has been evolving ever since it first occurred as a concept. From the days of Email marketing to the new modern era of Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing is something that will always be the next level.

2020 started on a very bad note. The world was still recovering from the effects of the Australian bush fire when it got hit by a pandemic COVID 2019. As most of the world is in lockdown it has highlighted the importance of online businesses. And for those businesses to sustain they need to be promoted. And to be back on track in business digital marketing is going to change the game. So let’s take a look at some of the new digital marketing trends  2020 that will take it to a whole nother level.

Artificial Intelligence

The most obvious and popular digital marketing trend that will eventually become the most commonly heard trend is Artificial Intelligence. 

  • Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning is the future to almost everything and digital marketing is no exception.
  • AI can be the best tool to examine consumer behavior and collect information and data of a consumer thoroughly.
  • Works through speech recognition, problem-solving, and learning behavior builds the data blocks.
  • This would, in turn, help the companies to easily understand and approach their target audience.
  • AI marketing allows companies to accumulate huge amounts of consumer data in a short span of time, which makes it easier for companies to connect with their customers.


Chatbots are used to conduct online conversations via text or sometimes speech. A chatbot is one of the most advanced and promising features of communication between humans and a machine.

  • Although Chatbots have been a part of the digital world for quite some time now, Chatbots are never really going to be out of trend.
  •  In fact, in the coming years, their use and importance are only going to increase.
  • By the end of 2020, almost 85% of the customer service will be handled by chatbots.
  • Everyone nowadays needs an efficient service in a quick time and Chatbots provide you just that and at any point of the day. 
  • Many customers in this day and age prefer to talk to a bot rather than a tired employee at the other end.
  • 63 % of People choose to talk to Chatbots over regular employees and that figure is only going to go higher.

Influencers Marketing

Influencer marketing is somewhat of a combination of old school marketing combined with social media marketing. Instagram runs the show on social media. It made humungous brands in the industry.

  • Influencers on various Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok. They are some of the most popular names that build the brand from people on the internet.
  • It has always been a part of marketing to get someone famous to promote one’s business. 
  • Nowadays there are various well-known personalities over Instagram and Youtube who have a huge fan following.
  • These accounts are now dedicated to market/promote the popular brand collabs for their kind of interests/behavior.
  • With Mentions like Huda Kattan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rupi Kaur, Jay Shetty, Tom Bilyeu, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, etc are some of the most popular influencers on Instagram. Who doesn’t know these people? 
  • The youth always follows popular people and are greatly influenced by their decisions.
  • So if a product or business is promoted by someone like a popular Instagram or Youtube celebrity, it goes a long way in increasing its popularity.
  • Influencer marketing is likely to grow much bigger, even today almost 67% of marketers are in association with some kind of Influencer. And this number is more than likely to grow.

Google Ads ( PPC | Smart Bidding)

Social media and online marketing as a whole are filled with a lot of influencers, businesses. And, experts at Digital Marketing, all of this has created an online marketing competition that has hampered the consumer’s experience. Today, when we talk about the future of digital marketing trends 2020 is actually  Artificial Intelligence, PPC( online paid advertisement ) to bring in the customers.

  • Hence, the Google Ads Smart bidding feature is going to be the future of paid online promotions. Google has the capability to make the product reach out to the maximum audience and give the highest return on the respective investment.
  • Smart Campaigns are great marketing products for small businesses with small budgets, that don’t have a great technical team.
  • As Google is the biggest and most popular search engine, running a smart ad campaign in collaboration with them helps in improving a company’s popularity.
  • Due to COVID-2019, an online presence is the only way to connect and grow as a business. The world is now working from Home

Shoppable Posts | Ecommerce Store

Shoppable posts are the next big thing in digital marketing. With social media and eCommerce combining rapidly, shoppable posts are one of the best ways to market anything. It gets you directly to the customer’s first priority to be seen and shop.

  • Shoppable posts are a way of combining the point of revelation and the point of sale.
  • It gives the customer an opportunity to buy the product from wherever they see it.
  • Because of  Shoppable posts, customers don’t have to go through the rigorous process of tracking down a product which they saw somewhere else, they can just buy it from right where they saw it.
  • Shoppable posts are highly customizable and help in attracting consumers through some great interactive content.
  • Customer engagement gets improved.

Direct Messaging

Social Media has helped in bringing people closer to each other, it has also been fundamental in bringing companies and their customer’s closer, direct messaging gives the opportunity for the customer and company to connect with each other in a more private manner.

  • Social media is a great place for companies to connect and know their target audience.
  • Being selective and direct messaging your target audience increases efficiency and decreases cost.
  • Personalization works and that means DM Marketing works, referring to your potential target via his name can go a long way. But any good marketer knows that DM Marketing is not just about using the target’s name. This is about leaving a personal message for the customer which gives them a personalized experience.
  • Direct Messaging can be a big tool for customer acquisition, but more often than not most Direct messages end up in the spam folder. As they lack any humane feeling and are mostly auto-generated messages.

Voice-Activated Tech

One of the latest technologies to enter the digital marketing field is voice automated tech. 

  • Today almost everyone relies on their phones for their daily tasks. We can go as far as to call our smartphone devices as our very own virtual assistants.
  • Therefore, features like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri have become very useful tools in an individual’s daily life and for digital marketers. 
  • According to a report by Finances Online, in 2020, 50% of all searches will be done through voice searches. 
  • Digital marketers who wish to stay ahead need to think of how this tool can help their brand.
  • This is especially true since most people (75%) use voice search to conduct a search in their local areas. They do so mostly to find a new restaurant, the latest movies, or to find a service provider. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 is something that is variable by nature. The new high-end techniques are constantly replacing conventional ways. But at the same time, it is also important to note that some older techniques will remain paramount for digital marketing.

The trends in digital marketing mentioned above are just a few of the many more, which are about to enter the digital marketing industry. Therefore, to excel in this field one must anticipate the trends in order to gain a competitive edge over its competitors. COVID -2019 times is teaching us to learn & accommodate this fast.