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In 2020, the number of global e-mail users amounted to four billion and is set to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025. Email is an official medium to have business communication and transactions. You can build your customer base using this tool with the right marketing techniques.

Everything from content and design to size and personalized campaigns makes a difference in how your emails are perceived by the users. You can track your performance by experimenting with all these and ultimately optimize every factor to increase your subscriber’s list. 

A close eye on the demographic and gender can help increase your email clicks by 50%. What are the other factors that make for successful email marketing campaigns? Well, there’s content, segmenting the audience, hitting the users at the right time, and tracking and analyzing metrics like CTR. 


Some customers respond more to transactional emails while some like personalized emails. Targeted personalization, according to 74% of marketers, increases customer engagement. Personalized emails increase click-through rate by almost 14% and customer conversions by 10%. Add that personal touch and build an emotional connection with your audience. 

If you give a solution to some common problems your users may face on a regular basis, it will help increase reliability. Or you can build credibility by sending testimonials from your past customers. Try different forms of emails, some filled with images, some in the form of a blog, or a transactional email offering a surprise box. Amazon and Flipkart send several in terms of coupons and sale offers regularly to their customers. 


Resending email or an entire campaign is usually discouraged. However, you might do it with some really vital mails. But things, like changing the subject line or updating information with the latest data, can make it more effective than repetitive.


For Email Marketing, we work based on a development process that helps us deliver on time and keep you in the loop. The workflow is as follows –

  • We start with extensive research and planning. Understanding your company, its requirements, and your target audience in-depth. 
  • We then begin with designing the email campaigns on paper. We create the most effective and sophisticated designs. We use the right mix of keywords, catchy subject lines, high-quality images, crisp content, and links to get the most effective email. 
  • We then send a detailed report to you that includes campaign information along with the demographic you should focus on, the time you should put out emails, frequency of sending the emails, and the right tools to use.
  • After getting confirmation, we design the emails and newsletters on the system.  
  • All this is done on a strict timeline so as to make delivery on time. 

We analyze the implemented strategies and keep you in the middle of the process from start till end.

Mobile Email & Responsive Design

Internet usage has largely shifted to mobile devices. 53% of emails are read on mobile devices. Having a responsive design and making your emails compatible with a variety of devices will go on to increase your effectiveness.  If you are using a newsletter design, make sure it is mobile-friendly. 

Subscribe to your own newsletter every now and then to ensure that the whole process is easy and fun for your users. If you find any loopholes, correct them. Be brief and relevant, promote but don’t overdo it. Follow a central theme for your email. 

Ease of use also includes making unsubscribing easy. Give your customers an option to choose whether they want to read your newsletter or not. Also, try to send emails only to your subscribers!


Our dedicated team works rigorously to bring the best solutions to the table which are fully customized and are in line with your firm’s mission and vision. Some of the services we provide in email marketing are as follows –

Extensive research – We do meticulous research on any past email campaigns you might have implemented along with your organization’s requirements. It also includes getting to know your market and your targeted audience. We give a detailed report including all our findings and the best campaign solutions with keywords you should focus on.

Automating campaigns – We also automate campaigns for you, which can allow you to customize the content as and when you wish to.

Designing your newsletter and email – Using the research, we design emails and newsletters using the best tools. Our team uses images, concise content, links, and all relevant information to design these mails. We also come up with a series of campaigns to be implemented on a regular basis.

Segmenting your audience – We help you segment your audience and form campaigns based on these divisions. 

Personalized emails and campaigns – Other than usual emails and newsletters, we design personalized emails focusing on a particular location or demographic. We design any form of email you might be interested in and do a thorough spam analysis before sending out any emails. 

Track, analyze, adjust – We analyze the email campaigns and send regular reports to you with all important metrics that can help you focus more on your customers and product. We also adjust emails based on these factors.