Create landing page for your business

 landing page 

Everyone hears the term landing page at some point or the other. But only a few understand what it is, what value does it hold and why do we need it in the first place?  A landing page is created solely for the purpose of the call to action. It provides a compact and vivid description of the specific service or product provided by the company. It is free from distractions and kept as minimal as possible. Another purpose of making out the landing page is it assists in gathering user’s data.  Keep reading if you want to learn a lot more on landing pages.

what is a landing page?

A landing page is a free-standing web-page created specifically for the purpose of CTA which refers to call to action. It serves as a destination as it is the page where the user lands after clicking on a respective link given on an online advertisement from google, youtube, other social media platforms, emails, etc.

  • As mentioned above, a landing page is created for one sole purpose i.e CTA. Meaning, the landing page is necessarily used for converting the users into leads through marketing or advertising.  
  • Through landing pages, the marketers can easily analyze conversion rates. The conversion rate shows the number of visitors click on the link and take the action. How effective your marketing or advertising has turned out to be is determined through the conversion rate.
  • Landing pages are used for taking out the user’s information via a form. It is generally a conversion form.


Generate leads or increases conversion rates

  • Landing pages are the best way to convert and capture all the traffic on your social media pages and email into highly efficient leads.
  • Rather than sending all the traffic and leads generated to your home page if the same is sent to the designated landing pages, it helps your sales team effectively.

Track Prospects

  • Data from landing pages can be tracked easily, it helps you in knowing how engaged a customer is and can check how likely a customer is to avail the service you provide. 
  • Landing pages can be used to track the activities of existing customers and help the marketers in knowing how likely a customer is to buy your product.

Demographic Information

  • Landing Pages are a great tool to collect information about the demographic of potential customers. 
  • Landing pages help you in collecting contact and other information that help your marketing team in prioritizing the demographic which is most active on your social media.

Helping other Social Media Channels

  • Landing pages help you in capturing and converting leads generated from other social media pages into potential customers.
  • Having a dedicated and customized landing page for each of the social media channels that shows nothing but the direct content linked to the advertisement allows you to generate greater engagement for the company.

Proof Of Credibility

  • Landing pages are a great way to prove to your potential customers that your existing customers are happy and satisfied by the service/product you provided. 
  • A few five stars provided by your existing customers can go a long way in securing new customers when people see that you provide the customers great value for their money, they are more likely to invest in you and secure your service.


Home Page and Landing Page | Are they different?

Many people mistake the home page for a landing page. However, these two are completely different and set out for different purposes. Some of the major key points that set apart a landing page from a home page are:


  •  A home page is set out to offer too much information like services, on the footer, one finds many links like blogs, contact us, etc. It is basically a page that lets users visit whatever page they want to. 
  • However, the landing page is made specifically to achieve one goal i.e generating leads. It advertises one particular service that the marketer aims to promote.


  •  When you create content for your home page, you include everything in it from company policy, contact information to product details a home page is made up, and needs to contain all the necessary information about your company.
  • Whereas a landing page should contain information particularly about a designated product so that the potential customer can find exactly what he is looking for.

Lead Generation

  • Home pages are the center of all your online activity, it is the starting point from which a customer is introduced to your product.
  • Landing pages are the stand-alone pages dedicated to provide information about a particular product and generate a call to action.

How To Create A Good Landing Page

Now that you have learned all about landing pages, it’s time to learn how to make it effective.

A Landing page is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing plan, a good landing page means a high chance of getting engagement. No matter how good your ads are if the landing page that follows is not up to the mark it can cause you to lose a potential customer. Here are some ways to make sure you create a good landing page.

Impression: As soon as a potential customer lands on your page it is important that he is impressed by what he sees first. A cluttered, disorganized and inappropriately colored landing page scares away a potential customer.

Minimalism: Your Landing page must not be too big and should only contain the minimum amount of information required to inform about and sell your product.

Use Various Elements: As you know videos and graphics have a much deeper impact on one’s mind than just words. To make your landing page more attractive and make sure that whatever you want to say about your product gets through to the consumer, you shall use every effective element like audio, video, and graphics.

Relevancy:  A landing page is no blog or home page that you need to write lots of content about everything related to the company, a landing page should contain to the point information which describes your product vividly and helps the customer make a decision.

Responsive Design: Landing pages are the ones that give you the most engagement. so it is necessary that your pages correctly open on all the devices,i.e. Responsive Design. whether a user accesses the page through android, IOS or Windows the landing pages should be easily readable and accessible to all.

Value: When a customer reaches your landing page, they must know what benefit they would have if they choose your product or service. Mentioning what value your product brings to them is a great way to obtain customers.

Subject: Make sure that the content provided on the landing page justifies the PPC advertisement through which the customer reaches the page if the landing page elaborates and explains exactly what was mentioned in the PPC then it results in a higher chance of call to action.

Short and Crisp: No one wants to visit a page and fill a long-form before they can know or purchase any service/product. Keeping the forms short and to the point helps gather the customer’s information and not make the customer lose interest in the product by making them fill a long-form.

Customization: Landing pages should be customized depending on the source through which a customer has arrived on it, Users reaching the landing page via social media platforms would not be the same as those reaching the sites through other channels. Depending on the origin you must ensure you cater to different audiences with different landing pages.

Reviews: This is most important for businesses that are not very well known if a potential customer reaches your landing page and sees that the existing customers of your company are satisfied with your product, they are more likely to choose your service.

Just how a website is important for a business to thrive, a landing page holds an equal amount of importance in generating leads and acquiring customers. Digital Marketing is made up of various aspects and landing page is one of the most important parts of the same, to help gather customer information and get engagement for the company landing page is a must and the tips mentioned above will help you in knowing about and creating a landing page that generates a call to action.