Simplifying Digital Marketing to Get Your Brand Established


That Google search you just made, which gave more than millions of results, that’s how flooded the Internet is with websites, services, and new ideas. The ideas are so overwhelming at times for users that they stick to what is best recognized in the market. Thus, getting the recognition becomes important to build your brand, And Digital Marketing is the right solution.

We know, We Know, if you were to Google Digital Marketing right now – you would probably drown in the sea of people claiming to be Digital Marketing experts and all the related jargon – SEO, Keywords, page ranking, and whatnot – it can be scary. So, we are trying to simplify the scary yet crucial world of Digital Marketing for you. 

Let’s start from the basic – the million-dollar question – What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing, as you might know, is advertising your product. Remember the time when people would send out flyers, or when giving business cards was how you would establish your company? Or the huge billboards with huge ads? 

Well, digital marketing is the same; advertising your product or your services through digital media. It’s a highly competitive market out there and making use of social media and the digital world can help you stand out. 

Why do you need to bother with Digital Marketing?

The banner on Facebook you saw of your favorite restaurant or the Flipkart sale you saw while reading your favorite blog – all that is a part of Digital Marketing. With everyone engrossed in their phones, busy surfing the internet, the billboards have been outshined by Facebook ads and the keywords have replaced business cards quite effectively. 

An important thing to know is that Digital Marketing is not only an online marketing phenomenon, it includes offline marketing too and we plan to demystify both for you. 

Digital Marketing within the Online Market!

If you have heard of Digital Marketing, there is a very good chance that you heard of SEO and Social Media. These two words are a huge part of digital marketing but there’s so much more to it. We will discuss it all about it. 

Let’s start with the much talked about SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Frankly, SEO deserves its own article. But here’s the shorthand of what SEO is.  Search Engine Optimization means optimizing every kind of content that a user look out in the search engines via typing some search words ( called keywords)  

All of us are used to search through Google search engine, or may be Yahoo one, or the Bing one. There are several search engines out there. Where your top-ranked websites pops-up given a query made by the user using some specific words . Your goal should include unique & valuable content ( Images, Text & Videos) along with different SEO tools to improve  search engines rank your website. And the end goal is to be seen on the 1st of page of GOOGLE as an organic website. Using SEO, you gain organic and relevant traffic to your website, that adds your website views & brand trust !

Though, you must understand that SEO is not all the online marketing entails. There are other things like Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing – probably the one you have seen the most, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and so on.

Each one of these words deserves its own article and includes careful planning and strategies when implementing them while marketing your business. It can make a huge difference if implemented smartly.  

Digital Marketing within the Offline Market!

Let’s first understand what offline marketing entails in terms of Digital Marketing. Well, the metro is a great example to understand it. The electronic billboards in metro stations? They are an example of offline marketing using Digital Media. In comparison to old normal billboards, these electronic ones are more attractive and even include in-motion ads. 

Other ways for offline marketing is BTL ( Below the Line) Advertising. It include TV Advertising – commercial ads, Radio Advertising, etc. Whereas now,  your cell phones are a part of marketing now. Cold calling people can be a very effective technique of sales. However, it includes more mobile ads and using Bulk texts and messages . Remember those coupons and discounts you get in your message box every now and then – that’s all are part of digital marketing. 

You can use TV by having your own commercials, or you can sponsor a radio show, or you can give live demos to get new customers and spread the word around. 

Not the best at doing this on your own?

We know all these things can sound a lot and we intend to give you the time and space you need to work on the actual product rather than spend hours on implementing all these marketing techniques. Moreover, implementing is only the start of digital marketing. Handling campaigns, analyzing each one to improvise; and to start different initiatives is a continuous process. 

A process that we are here to help you with. You need not worry about spreading the word anymore. We will do that for you while you can concentrate on developing your product, provide services, and focus on other aspects of your organization. We at Socialache will cater to your needs in the best way possible. 

What can we do for you?

Socialache is a full-service digital marketing agency in Delhi, NCR Gurugram, India. We provide a bunch of services including SEO, Web Design & Development, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing and several others.  For you to create, manage, and grow your brand. We ensure the best possible solutions aligned with modern technical tools and your requirements.